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Native membrane protein immobilization on a solid surface              

LPI™ FlowCell is a single use device with a proprietary surface that allows for immobilization of intact proteoliposomes directly produced from membrane preparations of a wide variety of cells and tissues. Proteins are kept in their native cell membrane with retained structure and function. LPI™ FlowCells are used in applications such as ligand binding studies, epitope identification, quantification, biomarker identification and profiling.

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LPI™ Maxi FlowCell - high
sensistivity for low abundant proteins

  • Designed for high sensitivity applications
  • Enables detection of low abundant proteins
  • Flow cell volume: 350 g
  • Flow cell binding capacity: 100 g proteoliposome
Features and benefits of LPI™ FLowCells

Detergent free protocols

Native membrane proteins

Easy handling

No need for instrumentation

Flow cell format

No centrifugation steps

No sample dilution

Sensitivity and reproducibility

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LPI™ HexaLane FlowCell - six
separate lanes for higher throughput

  • Higher throughput
  • Decreased sample and reagent consumption
  • Single lane volume: 40 l
  • Single lane binding capacity: 10 g proteoliposomes