Primary cells

Primary cells are directly isolated from normal human and animal tissue. Sciencell offers various types of primary cells, several of which are unique to the industry, from cell systems including: adipose, oral, cardiac, ovarian, gastrointestinal, prostate, hair, pulmonary, hepatic, renal, lymphatic, skeletal, mammary, mesenchymal, umbilical, nervous, urethral, and ocular. Primary cells differ from immortal cell lines because they do not proliferate indefinitely and come from healthy tissue.

Primary cells from animals can be used in preclinical tests as a way to compare possible differences between human and animal cells. In a preclinical test, data from an animal model can be extrapolated to predict what data would result from the use of human cells. Primary human cells can then be tested to determine the accuracy of such an extrapolation, allowing scientists to refine their preclinical tests before in vivo studies are conducted.

Our primary cells are isolated using methods exclusive to ScienCell, which allow the cells to be isolated at a low passage with a high viability rate. We ensure quality as all products go through rigorous QC testing.

ScienCell Research Laboratories offers over twenty human primary cell systems and over ninety different cell types. Customers can also purchase cell-derived DNA, RNA, and proteins from any cell type offered.

ScienCell Research Laboratories offers 20 normal human priamry cell systems with over 90 different cell types. We also provide normal animal primary cells as well as priamry cell-derived DNA, RNA, and proteins.

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