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Gelrich – Gellan Gum
 Very Low dosage, form gel at 0.05-0.25% concentration  Gellan gum is a very effective gelling agent
 Excellent thermal stability and acid stability  1. Little effect to gel strength after heat sterilization
 2. Its powder form allows longer term of use and long-term stability even  under acid condition
 Sodium or potassium irons can form thermal reversible gel, while  Magnesium or calcium irons form thermal un-reversible gels  Can be made into thermal reversible and thermal un-reversible gels
 Retains excellent flavor releasing ability  Improve product quality
 Good combination with other hydrocolloids  Adjustable gel elasticity and rigidity
 Good compatibility with other ingredients  Can be widely used in many formulations
 Can form gel between pH 3.5~7.0  Can form high quality gels and have good gel strength in acid to neutral  food formulations.
 Anti-aging function  Prevent aging and viscosity raising of starch
 Not easy lead to enzymolysis  Enabling flexibility in the manufacturing process, very suitable for  Microbiological media and plant media.