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Gelrich to food application

Gelrich as Stabilizer

Liquid, nutritionally complete formulas are disclosed with improved physical stability. The nutritionally complete formulas are pourable, yet are able to hold minerals, insoluble fiber and flavoring agents such as cocoa powder in suspension without the formation of sediment that is not readily redispersible. The invention comprises the use of Gellan gum at a concentration of between 10-500 parts per million. Although Gellan gum alone is sufficient, the nutritionally complete formula may also comprise other stabilizers such as carrageen and/or carboxymethyl cellulose.

    Gelrich to Jelly

The Application of Gelrich to Jelly /Jam Gelrich is widely applied in the jelly processing as the gelling agent, compared with sodium alginate, agar, gelatin and carrageen an, the jelly produced by the jelly powder which is prepared by the Gelrich, has an excellent transparency, brittle and slippery taste, it can produce a series of jellies from brittleness to elasticity, which will not be dissolved in the summer and has a good shrink resistance. In addition, it has a low consumption and convenient in processing. Gelrich can be used in processing of Multi-layer jelly, brittle jelly, elastic jelly and refined jelly. Since high methoxyl pectin requires careful adjustment of pH and high concentration of sugar, it cannot be used for manufacture of low solid contents products. Also, low ethoxyl pectin or kappa-carrageenan causes various problems relating to storage

    Gelrich to Dairy as thickener

If the Gelrich is added to milk, and then heated and cooled down, the Gelrich makes the gel of unique structure. In manufacture of various dairy products, such as ice cream and yoghurt, the gellan gum acts as a stabilizer to help formation of gel. The Gelrich's heat stability and low viscosity at high temperature are useful in manufacturing a product going through

    Gelrich to Ice Cream as thickener

Gelrich is applied in ice cream as the stabilizer, using a very little amount of Gelrich can improve its shape retention, the effect will be better if the Gelrich is used together with other stabilizers. Generally, the using level is 0.1%~0.2%. The combination of Gelrich and other gums can be applied in the manufacture of many products as Sorbet, pudding ice cream, high grade ice cream, Chocolate milk shake and fruity flavor milk shake.

    Gel products (Dessert gel, etc.)

With only the Gelrich or combination with other conventional gelatin component, various products with heat stability and excellent emanation of odor can be manufactured. Further, use of the Gelrich will increase the setting temperature, which enables easy setting without refrigeration. If the Gelrich is added to a product with tendency of being melted when exposed to high temperature in the course of distribution and storage, heat stability of the product can be greatly improved.

Gelrich : Bevarages as Suspending Agent

A stable, pourable gelled beverage contained Gellan gum. A process for preparing a gelled beverage which involves dispersing Gellan gum and other beverage ingredients in solution agitating the solution, heating the solution while stirring, and concurrently rapidly cooling and shearing the solution. The beverage, which does not require the presence of other gelling agents or stabilizers, contains between about 0.01% and 0.15% Gellan gum. Suspending beverage formula and processing Formula: Gellan gum 0.015~0.02% Calcium lactate 0.07% Sugar 11% Sodium Citrate 0.1% Citric acid 0.2% Water to 100% Fruit pulp Appropriate

  • 1. Blend appropriate amount of Gellan gum, sodium citrate, calcium lactate and part of the sugar evenly.
  • 2. Transfer the blended powder into water to get the solution with Gellan gum content as 0.015% ~ 0.02%, sodium citrate as 0.1%, calcium lactate as 0.07%, then stir the solution on heat ( above 85 ℃) for some time to make sure that all the powder in water has been dissolved totally.
  • 3. Add the remained sugar into solution and stir it to make it dissolved totally, and then we get the solution A.
  • 4. Remove the heat and let the solution cool to about 50℃, compensate the lost water in heating, then add

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 Fruit/Juice Drinks  X
 Carbonated Beverages  X
 Acidified/Fermented/Low pH Beverages (Yoghurt drinks, smoothies, juice milks)  X
 Neutral pH Drinks (milk/soy/protein)  X
 Coffee Beverages  X
 Tea/Energy/Sports Drinks  X
 Concentrates/Syrups  X
 Alcohol/Spirits  X
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