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Gelrich Gellan gum for Micro Gravity

    Gelrich to Ant-works

The Application of Gelrich to Jelly /Jam Gelrich is widely applied in the jelly processing as the gelling agent, compared with sodium alginate, agar, gelatin and carrageen an, the jelly produced by the jelly powder which is prepared by the Gelrich, has an excellent transparency, brittle and slippery taste, it can produce a series of jellies from brittleness to elasticity, which will not be dissolved in the summer and has a good shrink resistance. In addition, it has a low consumption and convenient in processing. Gelrich can be used in processing of Multi-layer jelly, brittle jelly, elastic jelly and refined jelly. Since high methoxyl pectin requires careful adjustment of pH and high concentration of sugar, it cannot be used for manufacture of low solid contents products. Also, low ethoxyl pectin or kappa-carrageenan causes various problems relating to storage