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Life expression India is a novel and innovative science based company and entrepreneur in technology provider covering the segments of Lifescience market particularly in genomics, proteomics, and cellular analysis , Plant tissue culture, Food & Beverage industry. Life Expression markets a wide range of specialized bio-research reagents that simplify, accelerate and improve life sciences research, drug discovery and Plant tissue culture work.


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  • PCR Enzymes & Mixes

  • Real-Time PCR Kits

  • Nucleotides

  • Membrane protein profiling

  • Protein sequencing

  • Ligand binding studies

  • Primary Cells

  • Cell Culture

  • Cell-Based Assay

  • Tissue culture medium

  • Gelling Agents

  • Stabilizer

  • Membrane protein solution
  • Primary cells & Cell culture
  • Molecular Reagents
  • Gellan gum


  Ligand binding studies

  Antigen epitope identification

  Quantitative proteomics

  Biomarker identification and